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Before we even met I knew there could be only one outcome. You told me that when you saw me for the first time that I was “trouble” for your weak heart with a bad relationship so recently over; if things had been your way, we would only just have met now.

The second time we met, just 5 days later, you fell in love with me. You were afraid of letting your feelings take control of you because of bad experiences in the past, wording your e-mails in such a way as to try distance yourself a little in case this became too serious. You wanted the best for me, but you felt at that time that the best for me wouldn’t be you.

My first bold move in our relationship was to challenge your feelings:

You appear to be afraid of this thing that comes in a particular shape, and you’re expecting it to rear its ugly head any moment, but you don’t see that it’s already arrived, but it wasn’t in the shape you were looking for because I’m not the same as the men before me.

Love had arrived in your life. As you have come to know, your past relationships had been shadows of love simply by going through the motions of life; fulfilling other people’s expectations whilst having none of your own.

It took me five months to realise to myself that I loved you. I avoided as strongly as possible telling you that I loved you, because I did not know how to recognise it.

Before we spoke I was in a terrible mess, and had been my whole life. So desperately isolated with no hope of finding love. I had stuck firmly to my ideals and inner feelings, but this left me with no options. I had no interest in going to pubs or clubs and doing the same routine as everybody else. I never socialised at all. I would spend all my time either working or working on computer hobbies. I had almost no friends, nowhere to go, no one to speak to, nothing to do. A pit so deep I was resigned to never escaping.

And then you side-stepped into my life so neatly, so perfectly and so fittingly that it can be no other conclusion that you were made for me. In the span of a few weeks I went from no hope of ever meeting someone to having a girlfriend.

This was a change so radical, so extra-ordinary, so outrageous that I did not know quite what to do with myself. I had never had a relationship before—your friends even warned you about me—but it is only by the guiding hand of God that I was able to seize such a seizure.

Where you were weak, I was strong. Where you were afraid, I was fearless. Where you were uncertain, I was certain.

The second bold move I made in our relationship was to open up to you about how I felt about a Godly life. Things were already going well between us, and there was no need for me to rock the boat with my boldness, but I have not held back the force of my intellect from you.

Your past relationship had not given you the time of day to your thoughts of God. I have seen the joy it has brought out in you to find not only the man you love, but the God you love.

I realised that I did love you, truly, and what that meant, one day when I gave thought to our life together, here on earth, in the new system, after Har-Magedon. I realised you were the first person I wanted to spend not only my life with, but eternity too, in perfect conditions, without the evils, anxieties and stresses of this system. Just me and you and happiness.

You are beautiful. In my eyes, and in God’s.
Your personality is radiant.

Your eyes are my looking glasses of love.

Your smile is as fresh dew to my soul.

Your presence is a comfort to my anxiety.

When I am with you I am a new man, made whole in your embrace.

I do not want to live my life according to the traditions and expectations of this false world. The world is selfish and defines happiness as something to be bought, or to be taken. It is given to us by God and it is free. So succinctly you have put it to me:

In the beginning, God created humans. He created them as companions, as friends to His Divine Self. He created them perfect and He created them free.

Humans refused to see they were truly free and went on and created all these little prisons for themselves, all the while screaming for freedom. They created idols which they worshipped, they strived for pleasures and securities that were temporary, they used every pathway possible to turn away from their Creator. They perverted His Holy Word, they put obstacles between themselves and Him, they thought they knew better. They rejected God, they turned Him away, and in the end they killed Him.

And what for? For THIS?

I want us to be “no part of this world”. Happiness is not to be found there.

For a while I have been worrying about how best to prepare for that special moment when I propose to you. What would I do? When would be best? What surprise could I spring on you? You, know, “romantic” stuff. Where do I get an engagement ring? How much do I pay? Is my love to you measured by how outrageously I can propose to you and how much I spend on a ring?

The world wants a spectacle, it wants a show and dance, it wants to be entertained. I will not entertain its thoughts because on one hand it says this is love, and on the other hand it is busy making money from such dichotomic “love”. God did not design marriage this way.

These stresses and strains on me to propose to you do not come from God, the originator of marriage, they come from the world. Therfore I came to a simple conclusion:

I told you early on, when the pressures of landing in a relationship of true love felt so fragile to you—that at any moment it would fail and you would be left hurt—that breaking up was not an option. There is no problem between us that we cannot resolve if we are putting first God and each other’s love above our own.

See the parallels and you will see the truth. God created all things in parallels so that we may learn by example. So, before I came to write this message to you, I dedicated myself to Him and His way. To live my life serving Him to His standard. Our marriage must be an unbreakable three-fold cord made up of myself, yourself, and God. Married life is a parallel of our individual relationship with God that God provided so that through marriage we may come to love Him more closely.

There has been only one possible outcome in our relationship, so why am I wasting time bending myself to fit this world’s expectations? I will bend myself to fit God, instead of bending God to fit me. We will choose an engagement ring and plan our marriage together, because all things we will be doing together, forever.

Eva, will you marry me?

(She said yes.)