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{	"date"		:	200808052239,
	"updated"	:	200808060856,
	"title"		:	"If I designed Engadget",
	"licence"	:	"cc-by",
	"tags"		:	["annoyances", "web-dev"],
	"enclosure"	:	["engadget_if.jpg"]

fig.	: &__TITLE__;
	<"" /&__HREF__;/engadget_if_preview.jpg = /&__HREF__;/engadget_if.jpg>

((Edit: I had to disable more extensions to see the “real” page. Wow, just wow. And that’s even with missing out the animated feedback survey prompt.))

|	Modern business is based on contempt for customers.
| Kroc Camen