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	"title"		:	"Tron Cubes at Night",
	"licence"	:	"cc-by",
	"enclosure"	:	["Tron_Cubes_at_Night.png"]

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	<"" /&__HREF__;/Tron_Cubes_at_Night_preview.jpg = /&__HREF__;/Tron_Cubes_at_Night.png>

Here’s my modified version of the <previous (/art/tron-cubes)>. If you look closely I’ve made the cubes have a slight bump map so that the reflections are obvious that they are reflections and not actual cubes. In the previous picture I was using the ray tracer defocus option which is useless. Also I’ve moved the blocks up a little and increased the self-luminance to make the cool white edge around the water.

This took 2 hours 10 minutes in 3DSMax5 on Sony VAIO 2.8 {GHz|gigahertz} 512 {MB|meg RAM}.

Click on the image for the 1024×768 version, a 1600×1200 version is available <here (/art/tron-cubes-at-night/TronCubesAtNight1600x1200.png)>