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# A Summary #

*It is with much intrepidation (for life has become very uncertain) and joy (for life is no longer dull)* that I can announce
the news of our child, a son, due to us in early July.

Life, ever since meeting the love of it, has been upside down and changing at a relentless pace.
First we met, and that was a big, unexpected change. Then I <asked her to marry me (/4eva)>.
In three months we were married, and lived together--no small change for myself, which I found to be effortlessly natural
(though obviously challanging). It's only because of the news of our child that we have had to directly tackle the physical
piles of stuff still not yet disseminated into everyday life. We find that having not even gotten settled in our first home
we have to up-sticks and down-size (where there is no spare room to pile things) to be able to better focus ourselves on
our child.

For this though I am very grateful as a blessing from God; meeting my wife has made me address many, many personal,
internal burdens which have reflected--on this blog--through me giving up a great many things physical
(<the MacBook Pro (/disentanglement)>), <spiritual (/dont_wanna)> and <somewhere in between (/passion_process)>
(software projects), whilst the birth of my son forces me to address my many needs outside of the computer world.

This is where we get to the point. It will not have gone without your notice that I have neither been very active,
or reliable for the last year. My more immediate needs in the real world overtake me and though even when there is the
adequate time to devote to the website and other matters, I have neither the strength or will.

There is much I want to do, but it will have to wait for a few years whilst I care for my family.

I don't expect to do much blogging here on the main site (my system isn't working well for me under my new circumstances
and it needs a complete overhaul). You can best be kept up to date with my happenings and thoughts through the system that
does work well for my circumstances, <my forum (>.

Thank you to all for your patience, understanding, generoisty and care.

Camen Design will return to [ir]regular service in a future iteration some day. What it will be is only a hazy idea right
now, but I do know for certain that I will do my own things in my own way and demonstrate to others that they can do the