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# &__TITLE__; #

*It's not exactly a new year's resolution, but I do have a plan for 2022.* _
There's this thing that I'm good at, and yet it's not good for me, and that's organising other people's stuff. I have to admit that my comfortable place is creating projects that make the best out of something that already exists rather than creating something entirely new. I am, at heart, a _tools_ person.

I overwork myself on pulling apart and cleaning up some interesting things. Most of the time, it's absolutely not worth the amount of time I put into it due to how ineffective and directionless I can be. I hate to abandon projects that are based around stuff that's close to my heart but at the same time all of these projects are, by their nature, almost infinitely open-ended.

Readers of this blog won't know it yet, but I've been working for months on creating a game. I spent a long time on the design and making sure that it was something I really wanted to do. Now that I'm in a position where I'm confident the game will be interesting and compelling enough I took the decision to focus my life on this creative endevour rather than the many existing projects I had on the board that were all sapping my energy without really producing anything _final_.

~Die, Bunny, Die!~, is _different_.

fig.	<"Die, Bunny, Die! logo" /&__HREF__;/logo_thumb.png =>
	: The logo for ~Die, Bunny, Die!~ The design is not entirely finished, but it will do for now.-->

|	You play as a young woman who, having gotten herself into a bit of a
|	predicament, finds herself standing atop of a tall building in a city
|	wearing a bunny-suit, blood on her hands, about to throw herself to
|	her death when a dark god offers a Faustian bargain. She finds herself
|	in a place outside of normal time and space, doomed to die to an
|	infinite series of brutal death traps, one death after another,
|	forever.
|	After years, possibly decades, in this prison of a dark god she's lost
|	her memory of who she was and how she got there. You, the player, must
|	explore the meta-physical space of the prison and begin to piece
|	together the story of who she is; how she got there; why is she
|	wearing a bunny-suit, of all things; and perhaps find a way to escape.

The approach to this project is fundamentally different to what I've done in the past;

*	This will be a commercial product; _
	there will be an ending and I aim to get the game finished and published
*	I'm using <existing tools (> and not developing new ones
*	I've hired a programmer(!) so I can focus on the writing

I've started a <development blog on (>, where the game will be initially sold when complete. There may be a Patreon but I'm uncertain  if I can commit to something that requires me to produce content regularly yet. I want to give people access to the design and to some of the beautiful writing I've surprised myself with, but I have to balance this against the commerical nature of the project; I'm used to doing everything <in the open (> but I have to keep at least some things close to my chest for now.

I would really like to hear your thoughts about this new direction. You can use the <forum thread (//>, the <Camen Design Discord (>, talk to me <on twitter (> or via e-mail at <>