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# How Silly #

*As a child I grew up during the ’90s.* _
I thought a bit about how silly my life as a child would seem now to the kids of today:

•	The World Wide Web didn’t even exist for a period, I didn’t start using the Internet (at school) until I was 12

•	There was no Facebook, Bebo, MySpace or anything like that. If you wanted to talk to anybody, you had to go and 
	actually visit them, or phone them to know what was happening

•	As kids we did not have Mobile phones; they barely existed when I was a child and were the size of household bricks.
	Amazingly we were more organised before mobile phones and could actually all turn up to somewhere on time

•	We felt safe without a mobile phone, as did our parents

•	I didn’t own my own computer until I was 16 and had to buy it myself. It was a {PIII|Pentium 3} 600 {MHz|MegaHertz}

•	I ate McDonalds less than once a month, only when mum treated us to it.
	I never had the money to buy McDonalds myself
•	There was only one fat kid in my entire school

•	Computer games were 2D _
	(((side note: I once showed my nephew Sonic 2, he said “does it only go sideways?”)))

•	Multiplayer meant you had multiple people in the room at the same time

•	Due to a price war going on at the time, you could get a loaf of bread for 9{p| pence}

•	And a can of beans for 3{p| pence}

•	Petrol was 40{p| pence} a litre in 1990

•	I grew up with just 4 TV channels. Kids’ TV occupied a small slot from 3:30 to 5 PM on two channels,
	and that was it