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# A List of Things That Plugins Don’t Work With #

:: Browser context menus
	No “Save Page As…”, no “Send Link”, no “View Background Image”, no “Open With Editor…”, no “View Page Source”,
	no “Inspect Element”…

:: Printing
	Cannot print using your browser’s print function and expect a multi-page document.

:: Bookmarks
	Cannot bookmark parts of plugin-based content.

:: Password manager, sync
	Just remember it, okay?

:: Cookie settings
	_“Screw you, and your privacy”._

:: Caret-browsing text selection
	Cannot fully navigate using the same conventions as the browser.

:: ⌘ + Click
	Cannot choose to open a part of plugin-based content in a new tab _
	(like viewing gallery images in tabs).

:: Browser extensions
	Browser extensions cannot operate upon the text or images within the plugin.

:: User stylesheets / User scripts
	No accessibility override, like your choice of fonts and colours. No customisation. No patches for broken browser
	support. No “No Style” choice.

:: Drag and Drop
	Cannot drag images out of the plugin to save to disk.

:: Zoom text-only
	Cannot scale the text with the rest of the page.

:: Error console
	No Firebug or Web Inspector. No source code. No breakpoint debugging.

*There is no job* that plugins are the right tool for. _
Saying that plugins ‘have their place’ is ignorant and complacent.