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<h1>Code Is Art: Programming and Depression</h1>
		I program best when I am depressed.<br />
		This is the story of my best code.
	<cite>Kroc Camen</cite>
	<strong>After some thought, I've decided writing a book</strong> is the only choice left to me that I can make meet
	my <a href="/blog-of-thoughts">personal ethics as regards commerciality</a>. I lament that such a backwards
	approach is the only viable option open to me, but I will be doing things in my own particular way, as I am about to
	The above quote will be the opening line / blurb of the book and hopefully gives you a little flavour of what I will
	be aiming for. However, I will not be discussing content at the moment as there are certain technical hurdles to get
	over first.

<h2 id="availability">Availability</h2>
	In short, the book will be made available to you in these ways:
			Published here, on Camen Design, in HTML, free for anybody to read<br />
			(possibly chapter by chapter as they are finished)
			Purchasable directly from Camen Design, netting you PDF / <abbr>EPUB</abbr> / <abbr>MOBI</abbr>
			<abbr title="et cetera">&amp;c.</abbr> formats
			Available for pre-order, where pre-orderers will get access to drafts as I write them and be able
			to provide feedback through a member’s-only forum. Pre-orderers will get the final PDF /
			<abbr>EPUB</abbr> / <abbr>MOBI</abbr> formats once the book is finished
			Available for purchase through the usual ebook retailers, though will be more expensive (details
	It will be completed “once it’s done”. I’m still in the process of gauging viability.

<h2 id="cost">Cost</h2>
	I do not know yet what the book will cost, however I intend to make the division of profit visible so as to
	highlight the practices of retailers and payment processors. For example, if I set a nominal fee of £10 for the
	book, and let’s imagine that I am charged 2.5% by my payment processor for orders directly through Camen Design,
	then I will set the price at £10.26. (£10.26 − 2.5% = £10) The same book, in the Amazon Kindle Store would cost
	£14.29 because Amazon take 30% (£14.29 − 30% = £10).
	This way, I will always get paid the same amount for each sale, but the different hidden costs between retailers
	will be clearly visible to buyers. Will this turn people away from buying the book? Possibly, but in my opinion
	that’s the problem of Amazon et al. The book will be free to read on the website, so the reader isn’t being
	screwed by me. They will be able to make a clear and informed decision about where they choose to purchase the book
	(if at all).

<h2 id="help">I Need Willing Assistance</h2>
	In order for this to be possible, I will need some assitance.
	<dt>I need a payment system</dt>
		This I absolutely dread. I would appreciate suggestions for payment systems I can use to allow people to
		purchase the book from me, or any service that allows you to effectively sell a digital download. PayPal is
		almost certainly off the cards.
	<dt>Somebody knowledgable with self-publishing through Amazon / Apple / <abbr title="et cetera">&amp;c.</abbr>,</dt>
		and possibly also print, would be entitled to earn a share of the profits if they would lend their
		assistance with dealing with the headache-and-a-half that is ebook retailers.
		No idea. I’ll put it out there and let it do its own thing, but if you know how something like this can
		be promoted, then do let me know!
	Anything you can contribute to the above, contact me at
	<a href="mailto:kroc@camendesign.com">kroc@camendesign.com</a> or
	<a href="http://forum.camendesign.com" rel="external">at the forum</a> (no e-mail account required), thanks.

<h2 id="stuff">Technical Stuff</h2>
	Before I can put something into your hands, I will have to implement a few pieces of technology. To take pre-orders
	I will need a payment system, which is just a big black cloud hanging over me at the moment.
	The book itself would be written using <a href="/remarkable">ReMarkable</a>, just as I do to write the articles
	for this website. I intend to develop an additional tool or extension to ReMarkable to produce <abbr>EPUB</abbr>
	files, which are easily<ins>ish</ins> converted to other formats.
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