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# How to Play Max Payne, Max Payne 2 and Tron 2.0 on Mac (Without Windows) #


	*Update:* Completed <Tron 2.0 install guide (#tron20)>

*I’ve just discovered how to get these PC games running on a Mac* without the need to run a Windows virtual machine and I wanted to share the process with you for the benefit of Googlers alike looking for simple solutions.

:: Minimum Requirements
	•	Intel CoreDuo 1.86 GHz+ _
		(2006 Intel iMac / MacBookPro)
	•	Mac OS X Leopard 10.5+
	•	1 GB RAM
	•	Integrated graphics (e.g. Intel GMA950)
:: Recommended Requirements
	•	Intel Core2Duo 2.0 GHz+ or Intel Xeon
	•	Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.3+
	•	2 GB RAM
	•	Dedicated ATI / nVidia graphics

<"Screenshot of Mac Finder with Max Payne, Max Payne 2 and Tron 2.0 app icons shown"

These are the real deal—completely self-contained single ‘.app’ bundles, just double-click to play.

Installing Wineskin (Required) (#wineskin)
Wineskin is an app that creates self-contained Windows application bundles on a Mac using <Wine (//>. To understand how it is possible to run Windows/PC games on a Mac without Windows consider this: Your Mac has an Intel processor, and these games were written for Intel processors, so what's the difference between a Mac and a PC? It's the libraries (DLL files) that the game calls to to get things done (like DirectX).

Wine is not an emulator (no, really, that's what the name “Wine” stands for). It does not emulate Windows like a SNES emulator would emulate a console, instead Wine re-implements those specific parts of Windows that PC software needs on your Mac. (e.g. DirectX gets translated into OpenGL)

Download Wineskin (#wineskin-download)
•	Download the Wineskin application from <> _
	Click the green download button, and then the “Wineskin Winery” link.

The download comes in a zip, which you should open to unpack, giving you the Wineskin Winery app.

<"Downloads folder with Wineskin zip file, and the extracted Wineskin app"

Install Wineskin (#wineskin-setup)
•	Open Wineskin and you are presented with this interface:

<"Screenshot of Wineskin Winery application"

#### Install the Wine Engine #### (#wineskin-engine)

An ‘engine’ is the code used to translate the Windows code into Mac code. There is more than one engine because Wine comes in different versions and flavours that affect it's compatibility with different bits of Windows software. Wine comes in three main flavours:

:: Vanilla Wine (deafult)
	The default, which is designed for broad compatibility with most Windows software but trades off compatibility with
	some specific games to better suit more typical desktop applications, like Microsoft Office.

:: CrossOver (WineCX)
	<CrossOver (//> is a commercial Linux / Mac program that takes Wine and adds a
	friendlier user interface as well as improving compatibility for specific popular applications like Office.

:: CrossOver Games (WineCXG)
	CrossOver also make CrossOver Games which is the same as regular CrossOver except focuses more on compatibility
	with games.

•	Click the “``+``” button to add a new engine.

	<"Screenshot of ‘Add Engine’ window"

For our games to work we need to use the CrossOver Games (WineCXG) engine. Don't worry—even though CrossOver Games is a paid, commercial product, that only applies to their user interface, the engine is open-source and can be used for free elsewhere, such as here with Wineskin.

•	Click on the drop-down, scroll to the bottom and select the latest version of WineCXG.

	<"Screenshot of long list of Wine versions"

•	Then click the “Download and Install” button.

	<"Screenshot of ‘File Downloader’ window"

•	Just click “OK” here to begin the download.

Once downloaded, you'll be returned to the main interface now showing the engine in place.

#### Install the Wrapper #### (#wineskin-wrapper)

<"Screenshot of Wineskin Winery window"

The Wineskin Winery app you are running is a ‘factory’ for producing blank “.app” bundles into which you install your Windows games. The engine forms the core that does the translation from PC code to Mac code, but think of the “Wrapper” as a blank Windows virtual machine (even though it's not), a clean-slate install of Windows into which your game will be installed and then will become the simple icon you just double-click to play.

•	Click the “Update” button to download the latest Wineskin wrapper that will act as the blank template for each
	separate Windows game you want to install.

	<"Screenshot of ‘File Downloader’ window downloading the wrapper"

(As before, just click “OK” to begin the download.)

Wineskin Winery is now installed and ready to go. Open the Wineskin Winery app each time you want to install a new Windows game. Instructions are provided for <Max Payne (#maxpayne)>, <Max Payne 2 (#maxpayne2)> and <Tron 2.0 (#tron20)>, but the first parts of these instructions will apply to any Windows game.

							* * *

Using Wineskin (#wineskin-using)
How to Create a New, Blank Wrapper (#wineskin-new)
This is a general overview of how to create a new Winekin app bundle in to which you will install your Windows game.

•	Open Wineskin Winery.

	<"Screenshot of Wineskin Winery window"

•	Click the “Create New Blank Wrapper” button.

	<"Screenshot of ‘Create a Wrapper’ window"

•	Enter the name of the game and click “OK”.

	Wineskin Winery will now prepare a blank wrapper to host the game, this may take several minutes.
	<"Screenshot of ‘Busy’ window that reads ‘Wineskin Winery is currently busy, please wait…"
	During this, this window will appear. This is the Wine engine being installed into the wrapper.
	<"Screenshot of small window that reads ‘The Wine configuration in /tmp/Max is being updated, please wait…" /&__HREF__;/maxpayne-2_wine.png>
	Once complete this message will appear.
	<"Screenshot of ‘Wrapper Creation Finished’ window"
•	Click the “View Wrapper in Finder” button.
	<"Screenshot of a Finder window showin ‘Max’"
	This is an empty Mac application with a psuedo-Windows environment inside for running PC games.
	Now we just need to install the game into it.

By default Wineskin Winery puts these bundles in ``~/Applications/Wineskin/`` (the Applicatons folder in your home folder, not the main Applications folder!). You can move the game apps anywhere you like, they are independent and self-contained. If you would like to change the app’s icon to something better, refer to the <instructions here (#wineskin-icon)>.

How to Access the Wineskin Config App Again (#wineskin-again)
After a game is installed, if you open your app bundle the game will attempt to run (instead of showing the Wineskin configuration app) and if you haven't installed any necessary patches yet, will probably crash. You will need to know how to get back to the Wineskin configuration app so that you may install additional software for the game as how to do this is not immediately obvious.

•	Right-click (or <kbd>ctrl</kbd>+click) on the app bundle and choose “Show Package Contents”
	<"Screenshot of context menu with ‘Show Package Contents’ selected"
	Another Finder window will appear:
	<"Screenshot of Finder window showing the contents of ‘Max’"
•	Open “Wineskin” to return to the Wineskin configuration app
	<"Screenshot of the Wineskin application"

Changing the App Bundle Icon (#wineskin-icon)
If you would like a swanky icon for your app instead of the deafult red Wineskin logo, follow these instructions.

•	Locate an icon file. For example, I used one on the game CD

	<"Screenshot of a Finder window with a Max Payne icon selected"

•	Open the icon file, it should open in by deafult

	<"Screenshot of said icon visible in the Preview application"

•	Click on the “<kbd>File</kbd>” menu, then “<kbd>Save As…</kbd>”

	<"Screenshot of save-as sheet with ‘ICNS’ as the selected format"

•	Change the format to “``ICNS``” and then click “Save” _
	(This converts the Windows-format icon into a Mac-format icon file)

•	Open the app bundle’s <Wineskin config app (#wineskin-again)>

	<"Screenshot of the Wineskin app"

•	Click on “Advanced”, you'll be presented with this interface

	<"Screenshot of the Wineskin Configuration dialog, numerous options are present, including a ‘Browse’ button next to an icon" /&__HREF__;/maxpayne-21_advanced_thumb.png>

•	Click the “Browse” button next to the icon and choose the ICNS file you just created

	<"Screenshot of a Finder browser with the ‘maxpayne.icns’ file selected"

•	Click on “Done” in the previous interface, then “Quit” in the Wineskin configuration app window. _
	The app bundle’s icon should now be changed ``:)``

							* * *

Installing Max Payne (#maxpayne)
Please ensure that you have first followed the instructions in the <Installing Wineskin (#wineskin)> section.

<"Screenshot of Max Payne title screen"

Yes, that's a PC version of Max Payne running on a Mac. ``:)``

Install Max Payne (#maxpayne-install)
•	Create a new blank app bundle named “Max Payne” in Wineskin Winery using <these instructions (#wineskin-new)>
•	Place your Max Payne CD in the drive, or otherwise have the install files from the disc to hand in a folder
•	Open the "Max Payne" app bundle you made in the previous step (don't try run the Max Payne installer from the
	disc). You are prompted by the Wineskin app:
	<"Screenshot of ‘Wineskin’ application with ‘Install Windows Software’, ‘Set Screen Options’, ‘Advanced’ and ‘Quit’ buttons" /&__HREF__;/wineskin.png>
•	Click the “Install Windows Software button”, a file browser appears:
	<"Screenshot of Finder browser pointed at ‘Install.exe’ on the Max Payne CD"
•	Navigate to the “Install.exe” on the disc and click “Choose”. _
	After a moment, the Max Payne autorun will appear (as it would on a PC)

fig.	<"" /&__HREF__;/maxpayne-6_autorun.jpg>

•	Click on “Install Max Payne”. You might get this warning:
	<"Screenshot of warning that reads ‘You don’t have enough system memory to run the game. Are you sure you want to continue?’" /&__HREF__;/maxpayne-7_memory1.png>
	This is not a problem, it's just a minor quirk with Wine
•	Click “Yes” and then “OK” to continue, the game will still be able to play.
	<"Screenshot of warning that reads ‘Setup will now continue, but the game may be unplayable until you upgrade your system memory.’" /&__HREF__;/maxpayne-7_memory2.png>
•	Please proceed through setup as you normally would on a PC, no options need to be changed and please ensure that
	you use the “Full Installation” option when asked rather than the Minimum Installation.
	<"Screenshot of Max Payne installation wizard welcome screen"
	<"Screenshot of Max Payne installation providing the choice of full or minimum installation"
	<"Screenshot of Max Payne installing (25%)"
•	When you reach the end, untick the two checkboxes, neither of these are necessary
	<"Screenshot of Max Payne installation finished with two checkboxes (unticked) for ‘View Readme’ and ‘Create a Shortcut on my Desktop’" /&__HREF__;/maxpayne-8_install4.png>
•	Click on “Finish” and after a brief moment, this window should appear. _
	If the selected executable does not say “MaxPayne.exe”, please change it to do so.
	<"Screenshot of the ‘Choose Executable’ window with the choice ‘/Program Files/Max Payne/MaxPayne.exe’ selected"
	This tells the Wineskin wraper which program to run when you double-click the app bundle.
	(In this case, obviously, the game program) 

•	Click on “OK”, you should be returned to the Wineskin app.
	<"Screenshot of Winskin application (as before)"
•	Click on Quit to exit the Wineskin app
Max Payne is now installed, but will not be playable until you have patched it to the latest version
(if your disc was an early one) and installed a No-CD crack so that you can play without the disc in the drive.

Patching Max Payne to v1.05 (#maxpayne-105)
•	Download the v1.05 patch (not the game demo) from one of the mirrors on this site: _
•	Open the Wineskin configuration app for Max Payne (see <instructions here (#wineskin-again)>)
•	Click the “Install Windows Software” button and choose the patch file you downloaded
	<"Screenshot of a Finder window with ‘maxpayne1-05patch.exe’ selected"
•	You’ll be guided through the patch installation, just click “Next” and wait for it to finish
	<"Screenshot of Max Payne Patch install wizard"
	<"Screenshot of small window that reads ‘Patching Max Payne to version 1.05… Please wait.’"
	<"Screenshot of message box that reads ‘Patch successfully installed.’"
•	Click “OK” and after a short while you will be prompted to choose the executable again, this should already be
	“MaxPayne.exe” so leave it as is and click “OK”
	<"Screenshot of the ‘Choose Executable’ window"

Principles of Installing a No-CD Patch (#maxpayne-nocd)
Due to the blocking of debuggers (anti-piracy), Max Payne will not run in Wine without a no-CD patch that removes these limitations.

I can’t provide you a link to a no-CD patch because in some non-free countries where citizens don't own the software they pay for (like the USA for example) such things are considered illegal, but if you were to enter “Max Payne” and “no CD” into a search engine, something might happen.

Generally no-CD patches will fall into two types. The first are patching programs that you run and they locate the game files and modify them. To install these, just follow the same instructions as <patching Max Payne to v1.05 (#maxpayne-105)>.

The second type of patch is a _replacement executable_. These patches require you to copy and paste a new EXE file replacing the old one. I’ll provide instructions on how to do that here as it is not obvious how to find the right "Program Files" folder for the game on the Mac.

•	Just like opening the app bundle to <get to the Wineskin configuration app (#wineskin-again)>,
	you need to right click (or <kbd>ctrl</kbd>+click) on the app bundle and choose “Show Package Contents”.
	<"Screenshot of context menu with ‘Show Package Contents’ selected"
•	In the finder Window that opens, open “drive_c” to access the ‘hard disk’ of the Windows environment inside the
	app bundle
	<"Screenshot of a Finder window showing the contents of ‘Max’ with the ‘drive_c’ folder selected"
•	Drill through the folders “Program Files” → “Max Payne”

	<"Screenshot of the contents of the ‘Program Files/Max Payne’ folder"
•	Drag and drop your replacement executable from where ever you have it stored into the Finder window and choose
	“Replace” when prompted.
	<"Screenshot of copy dialog asking to replace ‘MaxPayne.exe’ with a newer version"

Playing Max Payne (#maxpayne-play)
Finally, with all that done, Max Payne will be playable. Just double-click on the app bundle and you should be greeted with the familiar launcher!

<"Screenshot of Max Payne launcher with options for screen resolution and a ‘Play’ button"

From here you should know what you're doing. Choose your resolution and graphics settings and click “Play”!

							* * *

Installing Max Payne 2 (#maxpayne2)
<"Screenshot of the Max Payne 2 title screen"

_*Coming Soon!*_

((_Guru Note:_ Installing Max Payne 2 is almost exactly the same as Max Payne 1, anybody should be able to do this.))

							* * *

Installing Tron 2.0 (#tron20)
Please ensure that you have first followed the instructions in the <Installing Wineskin (#wineskin)> section.

<"Screenshot of the Tron 2.0 title screen"

Install Tron 2.0 (#tron20-install)
•	Create a new blank wrapper using Wineskin Winery (<instructions here (#wineskin-new)>)
	<"Screenshot of ‘Create a Wrapper’ window with the name ‘Tron 2.0’ entered"
	<"Screenshot of a Finder window showing ‘Tron 2.0’ app bundle"

•	Place your Tron 2.0 CD1 or DVD into the drive

•	Open the “Tron 2.0” app bundle and click on “Install Windows Software”
	<"Screenshot of the Wineskin app"

•	Choose “Setup.exe” on the Tron disc
	<"Screenshot of a Finder browser with ‘Setup.exe’ selected"
•	Follow the installation as normal

fig.	<"Screenshot of Tron 2.0 installer"
	 /&__HREF__;/tron20-4_setup1.jpg = /&__HREF__;/tron20-4_setup1.png>
fig.	<"Screenshot of the Tron 2.0 customer information page with ‘User Name’, ‘Company Name’ and ‘Serial Number’ fields"
	: Your serial number will be on the ‘Quick Reference Card’ in the disc case
fig.	<"Screenshot of Tron 2.0 installation copying files (25%)"
	 /&__HREF__;/tron20-4_setup3.jpg = /&__HREF__;/tron20-4_setup3.png>
If you have the CD version of the game (USA & UK) rather than the DVD version (Europe), you will be prompted to insert the second disc:

<"Screenshot of folder browser with the title ‘Please insert Tron 2.0 Disc 2.’"

However, you won't be able to eject the CD!

<"Screenshot of a warning that reads ‘The disk “UK Tron 20 CD 1” couldn’t be ejected because “Wineskin” is using it.’"

•	The solution to this is to hold the eject button down for a few seconds and you'll get a prompt to “Force Eject…” the disc. Click “Force Eject…”, and then “Force Eject” again on the sheet, then “OK” after the disc has ejected
	<"Screenshot of a warning that reads ‘To eject the disc immediately, click the Force Eject button.’"
((_Note:_ I am not sure if the force eject feature is present in Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. If you are not able to eject the disc, cancel the installation and then copy each CD to separate folders on the computer and then use the directory browser on the “Please insert Tron 2.0 disc 2” window to locate the second CD folder.))

•	Place the second CD in the drive, wait until it mounts in OS X, and then click the “OK” button on the “Please insert Tron 2.0 disc 2” window

You don’t need to tick either of these boxes.

<"Screenshot of the Tron 2.0 installer with two checkboxes (unticked) that read ‘View the Readme file now’ and ‘Create a desktop shortcut’" /&__HREF__;/tron20-4_setup4.png>

You also don’t need to change this option. *This will not restart your Mac*.

<"Screenshot of the Tron 2.0 installer with two options, ‘Yes, I want to restart my computer now’ (selected) and ‘No, I will restart my computer later’" /&__HREF__;/tron20-4_setup5.png>

•	Click “Finish” and after a few moments you will be prompted to choose the launch executable for the app bundle. If it is not already, please change the selection to “/Program Files/Buena Vista Interactive/Tron 2.0/Tron.exe”
	<"Screenshot of the ‘Choose Executable’ window"

Install Visual C++ Runtime 6 (#tron20-vcrun6)
At the time of writing this guide Tron 2.0 uses a part of the Microsoft Visual C++ 6 Runtime that is not yet implemented in Wine. Therefore we need to install a copy of the Visual C++ 6 Runtime to get the game to run.

•	Using the instructions on how <How to Access the Wineskin Config App Again (#wineskin-again)>,
	open the Wineskin configuration app:
	<"Screenshot of the Wineskin app"
•	Click the “Advanced” button. You’ll be presented with this interface:
	<"Screenshot of ‘Wineskin Advanced’ window"
•	Click on the Tools tab
	<"Screenshot of the ‘Wineskin Advanced’ window with the ‘Tools’ tab selected"
•	Click the “Winetricks” button in the “Utilities” column
	<"Screenshot of the ‘Winetricks’ window"
•	Click on the “Command to run” drop-down and select “vcrun6sp6” from the list, then click the “Run” button.
	Wait a few moments whilst Wineskin installs the Visual C++ 6 Runtime into the app bundle
	<"Screenshot of the ‘Winetricks’ window installing ‘vcrun6sp6’"
•	Once complete, click the “Done” button to close the window, then “Done” on the “Wineskin Advanced” window,
	and then “Quit” on the Wineskin app

Install Unofficial Patch 1.042c (#tron20-patch)
The Unofficial Patch 1.042c is the same as the official patch but fixes some additional bugs and removes the requirement of having the CD in the drive to play (no-CD).

The unofficial patch is maintained by a team called the Living Dead System Operators (LDSO) on a <blog dedicated to Tron 2.0 (//>. An <extensive list (//> is kept there of all Tron 2.0 patches, mods and tools. It is this information that helped me form this guide, so I would like to extend my thanks to the members of the LDSO.

•	Download the <Unofficial TRON 2.0 Patch 1.042c (//>

•	Using the instructions on <How to Access the Wineskin Config App Again (#wineskin-again)>,
	open the Wineskin configuration app for the Tron 2.0 app bundle
	<"Screenshot of the Wineskin app"
•	Click on “Install Windows Software” and choose the patch file you just downloaded
	<"Screenshot of a Finder browser with ‘tron-update_ v1x042ceng.exe’ selected"
•	Proceed through the installation normally
fig.	<"Screenshot of the ‘TRON 2.0 v1.042 Modified Update’ installer"
	 /&__HREF__;/tron20-13_patch_install1.jpg = /&__HREF__;/tron20-13_patch_install1.png>

<"" /&__HREF__;/tron20-13_patch_install2.png>

<"" /&__HREF__;/tron20-13_patch_install3.png>

Once complete the “Choose Executable” window will appear:

<"Screenshot of the ‘Choose Executable’ window"

•	The Tron CD installs “Tron.exe”, but the patch renames this to “TRON.exe”. Even though this should make no
	difference, please click the drop down and change the selection to “TRON.exe” before clicking “OK”
	<"" /&__HREF__;/tron20-14_exe_TRON.png>

With that done, Tron 2.0 should be playable!—but we’re not out of the woods yet!

Install the Killer App Mod (#tron20-killerapp)
Out of the box Tron 2.0 does not support widescreen resolutions (like 1440x900, 1920x1200), only 4:3 resolutions like 1024x768. The Killer App Mod for Tron 2.0 adds support for these resolutions in (as well as the necessary corrections to the cutscenes), but also fixes lots of outstanding bugs with the game as well as adding new content in (especially around multiplayer). For more details see the Read Me file in the Killer App Mod download.

If you have problems during installation or after installing the Killer App Mod please refer to the <Killer App Mod Help And Troubleshooting Guide (//>.

•	The Killer App Mod requires that you have run Tron 2.0 at least once. Open your “Tron 2.0” app bundle, proceed to
	the title screen and then exit the game. You do not need to start a new single player game yet
	<"" /&__HREF__;/tron20-14_launcher.jpg>
•	Download the <Killer App Mod (//> and unzip
	<"" /&__HREF__;/tron20-15_download_thumb.png>
•	Using the instructions on <How to Access the Wineskin Config App Again (#wineskin-again)>,
	open the Wineskin configuration app for the Tron 2.0 app bundle
	<"Screenshot of the Wineskin app"
•	Click on “Install Windows Software” and choose the “ka_mod_v1x1_setup.exe” file from within the Killer App Mod
	folder that was unzipped
	<"" /&__HREF__;/tron20-16_killerapp_thumb.png>
•	The installer will appear, click on the “Next” button
fig.	<"" /&__HREF__;/tron20-17_killerapp_install1.jpg = /&__HREF__;/tron20-17_killerapp_install1.png>

•	This warning message will likely appear:
	<"" /&__HREF__;/tron20-17_killerapp_install2.png>
	The Wine environment does not include Internet Explorer by default, which is sometimes used in some applications to
	display web content or help documents (in this case, the licence texts are HTML and require Internet Explorer).
	Wine normally uses Gecko (Firefox) as a replacement, but this also might not be installed in all cases.
	This is not a problem here as it will not prevent us from continuing
•	Click "Cancel" to continue. This window appears:
	<"" /&__HREF__;/tron20-17_killerapp_install3.png>
•	Click the “Next” button to continue. The blank space here is where a document would normally be, but is not visible
	due to the previous error
	<"" /&__HREF__;/tron20-17_killerapp_install4.png>
•	Choose the “I agree” option if not already selected and click the “Next” button
	<"" /&__HREF__;/tron20-17_killerapp_install5.jpg>
•	Choose desired language and click the “Next” button
	<"" /&__HREF__;/tron20-17_killerapp_install6.jpg>
•	Select your screen resolution and click the “Next” button. _
	The avaialble choices are:
	•	4:3 (640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x960, 1600x1200)
	•	5:4 (1280x1024)
	•	16:9 (1280x720 {aka} 720p, 1360x768, 1920x1080 {aka} 1080p)
	•	16:10 (1200x800, 1440x900, 1680x1050, 1920x1200, 2560x1600)
•	Just click the “Next” button on the following couple of screens and wait for the installer to copy files
	<"" /&__HREF__;/tron20-17_killerapp_install7.jpg>
	<"" /&__HREF__;/tron20-17_killerapp_install8.jpg>
	<"" /&__HREF__;/tron20-17_killerapp_install9.png>
•	Once you get to this stage, pay attention and read on-screen instructions:
	<"" /&__HREF__;/tron20-17_killerapp_install10.jpg>
•	Click “Next” to launch the separate patcher. Continue to click “Next” through this and then “Exit” at the end
	<"" /&__HREF__;/tron20-17_killerapp_install11.png>
	<"" /&__HREF__;/tron20-17_killerapp_install12.png>
	<"" /&__HREF__;/tron20-17_killerapp_install13.png>
	<"" /&__HREF__;/tron20-17_killerapp_install14.png>
	<"" /&__HREF__;/tron20-17_killerapp_install15.png>
	<"" /&__HREF__;/tron20-17_killerapp_install16.png>
•	*STOP*. You will be returned to the “Patching Stage” window. *DO NOT* click the “Next” button.
	As instructed on screen, *WAIT* (about two minutes)
	<"" /&__HREF__;/tron20-17_killerapp_install10.jpg>
•	After about two minutes the window will automatically change to this one:
	<"" /&__HREF__;/tron20-17_killerapp_install17.jpg>
•	Click “Next” and then “Finish”
	<"" /&__HREF__;/tron20-17_killerapp_install18.jpg>

•	You will be prompted once more with the “Choose Executable” window, you do not need to change anything here.
	Just click “OK”
	<"" /&__HREF__;/tron20-18_exe.png>
Congratulations, you have successfully installed Tron 2.0 on a Mac! _
If you would like to change the app bundle’s icon to something better, consult <these instructions (#wineskin-icon)>.

<"" /&__HREF__;/tron20-19_icon_thumb.png>

Double click your app bundle to play!

<"" /&__HREF__;/tron20-14_launcher.jpg>

((_Note:_ *Do not* click on the “Display” option, as that will reset the screen resolution to 640x480. _
This issue should be fixed in the 1.2 version of Killer App Mod at a later date.))

* * *

*Please send any feedback* for this guide to <> or leave a message in the <forum (//>.
Thanks goes to <> for pointing me in the direction of Wineskin, the Wineskin and Wine developers for making this even possible, and <//> / <//> for the hard work in supporting Tron 2.0, because Disney won’t.