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<title>code · Sorting a Directory Listing Folders First, Then by File Type, Then by Name in PHP</title>
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<h1>Sorting a Directory Listing Folders First, Then by File Type, Then by Name in PHP</h1>
	<strong>Something I think might be useful to people.</strong> This code takes a directory listing and then sorts the
	contents listing folders first (in alphabetical order), then the files are sorted by file type and then
	alphabetically for each file type.

<pre><code>//directory to list, you choose; here we’ll just use the webroot

//warning: `is_dir` will need you to change to the parent directory of what you are testing
//see &lt;uk3.php.net/manual/en/function.is-dir.php#70005&gt; for details
chdir ($path);

//get a directory listing
$dir = array_diff (scandir ('.'),
	//folders / files to ignore
	array ('.', '..', '.DS_Store', 'Thumbs.db')

//sort folders first, then by type, then alphabetically
usort ($dir, create_function ('$a,$b', '
	return	is_dir ($a)
		? (is_dir ($b) ? strnatcasecmp ($a, $b) : -1)
		: (is_dir ($b) ? 1 : (
			strcasecmp (pathinfo ($a, PATHINFO_EXTENSION), pathinfo ($b, PATHINFO_EXTENSION)) == 0
			? strnatcasecmp ($a, $b)
			: strcasecmp (pathinfo ($a, PATHINFO_EXTENSION), pathinfo ($b, PATHINFO_EXTENSION))

//echo to screen
header ('content-type: text/plain');
print_r ($dir);</code></pre>

	Here’s how this breaks down:
	<a href="http://uk3.php.net/manual/en/function.usort.php" rel="external"><code>usort</code></a> sorts an array
	using another function given two items to compare. Return “-1” if the first should go above the other, 1 if the
	second should go above the other and 0 if they are equal.
	We create a function with <code>$a</code> and <code>$b</code> parameters corresponding to the two items being
	compared for sorting as it goes through the list.

<pre><code>return	is_dir ($a)</code></pre>

	If the first item is a directory then…

<pre><code>? (is_dir ($b) ? strnatcasecmp ($a, $b) : -1)</code></pre>

	Check if the second item is a directory. If both items are directories then compare them by name.
	<a href="http://uk2.php.net/manual/en/function.strnatcasecmp.php" rel="external"><code>strnatcasecmp</code></a>
	will return “-1”, “0” or “1” accordingly.

<pre><code>: (is_dir ($b) ? 1 : (</code></pre>

	Now if the first item is not a directory, check if the second item is. If the second item is a directory, it will go
	above the first item—return “1”.
	<br /><br />
	Else, compare file extensions

<pre><code>strcasecmp (pathinfo ($a, PATHINFO_EXTENSION), pathinfo ($b, PATHINFO_EXTENSION)) == 0</code></pre>

	If the file extensions are equal then compare the file names

<pre><code>? strnatcasecmp ($a, $b)</code></pre>

	Finally, if the file extensions are not equal, compare them again, this time returning the result

<pre><code>: strcasecmp (pathinfo ($a, PATHINFO_EXTENSION), pathinfo ($b, PATHINFO_EXTENSION))</code></pre>

	And that’s it!
	<br /><br />
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