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The following was written by my wife Eve and republished here due to Posterous shutting down.

Action Plan 2: Air, Water and Supplements

I have been suffering with quite bad hayfever over the last few days before starting this detox (now I cannot tell if my symptoms of a cold or hayfever or the detox or some cruel combination of all three). Nothing compared to what I used to get like in Slovakia, probably something to do with being so close to the sea. But still rather unpleasant.

In Slovakia, I had an air ionizer next to my bed. It was only used on bad nights when I couldn’t sleep due to allergies but it was amazing. I honestly don’t know why I hadn’t got one in the UK before now — I have only just purchased one over the internet. The ionizer I got sounds very fancy, looks funky and promises wonders. Well, I should know by day four whether they are true or not. The main thing is for the air to be ionized with negative electrons, I don’t care too much for the filtration itself (although a nice bonus). Just as important as negatively charged water — but I'll get there in a minute.

This particular air purifier / ionizer seems to be the cost-effective higher-end item I was looking for. I bought it refurbished with a one-year guarantee. It’s small, reasonably quiet, has a fan so ions are circulated all over the room, doesn’t use too much energy, no filters that need replacing. I am pretty impressed so far, I'll just have to see if my symptoms ease up.

Why are negative ions so important? Well, there are books and websites that explain this scientific stuff better than I ever could. But in a nutshell, our lifestyles, processed and unnatural food, and pollution create an environment which is highly positively charged. The air purifier / ionizer is striving to re-create the clean air after a storm (although it doesn’t release any ozone into the athmosphere), and the water ionizer is creating water which is similar quality as glacier water or mountain stream water (the purest water known to us). I remember when I was a kid, I used to go to the mountains with mum and used to drink from the various tiny streams. The water was delicious, ice cold, and pure pure pure! Of course, I would be hard pushed to find this in any stream in Slovakia nowadays — but this was, after all, in the deep dark ages of communism. Or maybe my immune system was more robust.

Either way, science aside, I don’t need to stress the importance of clean air and water, and clean foods. It is only obvious (this is where the ‘common sense’ bit of this lifestyle overhaul comes out to play).

My smoothies and juices and green drinks are giving me lots of nutrients that I don’t normally get. However, I am also going to supplement the drinks with various things in powder or capsule form.

The alkalarians are divided over this one — some say probiotics are good, some claim they are like funghi, harmful to the system and the pH balance. From my perspective, I have grown up drinking kefir, eating natural yoghurts and drinking raw milk, all full of probiotics. I will stick with them, unless someone tells me exactly how they are bad for me! :)
Clay and cracked cell wall chlorella
Amazing stuff! The best thing to get toxins out of one’s body. I recently sent my man a long email detailing the sheer awesomeness of clay so I am copy-pasting it here: ’There are cavities and ducts throughout the clay molecule. The clay is negatively charged (the more electrons you can replenish in your body, the better — this is when things get alkaline, when they are negatively charged) so it attracts positively charged stuff (toxins are positively charged). Toxins get trapped/bound in the clay molecule, being fully envelopped by the structure and unable to cause any more damage. This structure then gets purged from the body via the usual waste-disposal routes. Actually, it is quite a bit more complex (with the clay molecule coming into the body as a neutral compound, releasing its positively charged minerals into the body — remineralizing the body with calcium, magnesium, iron, sodium, potassium etc; which then leaves the molecule unstable and negatively charged to attract things that are more positively charged than what has been released, like toxins and heavy metals), but it is fascinating stuff nevertheless. to me, at least :)'
Alkalizing through water and green drinks

This is also part of my email to my lovely one about the way I see the Western lifestyle and how the alkaline diet comes into it:

It all is linked with ph balance in the body. Gonna take you on a super speedy trip down the chemistry memory lane. Remember the pH scales? Ranging from 0 to 14, with 7 being the neutral point, and anything below it being acidic, and anything higher than 7 being alkaline. So, the magic of the scale is that it is logarithmic. Therefore something that has ph 3 is 10× more acidic than something that has ph of 4, and 100× more acidic than something of ph 5 and 1000× more acidic than something of ph 6 and so on, I don’t need to go into this too much. Obviously, you know that something basic of the ph 14 will neutralise something acidic of the ph 0.

Chemistry lesson over.

Our bodies are designed to work at a certain pH. Human blood is meant to have the pH of 7.35, which is just that tiny bit alkaline/basic. If this balance gets disturbed, then our body dies. I am not 100% sure how much the range can be but it’s stupidly small in the grander scheme of things, so I think if the blood ph goes up or down by something silly like 0.5 ph point, we die. This means that our bodies will do anything they can to keep this balance.

Western diet and lifestyle is acidic. Not a little acidic, MASSIVELY acidic. At best, the water we drink from the tap is neutral at 7; but some areas have acidic drinking water at as low as 5. Mine is around 7 but it’s hard to test without precise machinery. Considering that water makes up about 70% of our bodies, this is pretty bad. Soft drinks, sugar, tea and coffee, meat, dairy products, breads and pastas, processed foods — those are all things we eat and drink every day that lower our pH significantly. It has been proven that to neutralise and reverse the effects of drinking just one can of coke, one would have to drink 22 glasses of alkaline water. Scary. On the other side, vegetables are alkaline. There are lots more things that are alkaline but veggies are the best thing in the world and what our bodies have been designed to consume. Fruit… well, I am undecided on fruit. :) Bizarrely, a dash of lemon or lime juice in water is hugely alkalizing to the body (to do with what happens to the lemon juice when it enters the digestive tract).

There has been research done on live blood (ie blood just taken from subjects and studied immediately under microscope) which shows that when blood pH is acidic, blood cells don’t develop properly. They are wrong shapes, wrong size, and there’s an awful lot less of them than there should be, compared to healthy — alkaline — blood.

So what happens when a person lives the western lifestyle and consumes the Western diet? They get fat and weak. They get weak because their bones become brittle and their muscles waste. This is because the body, in its fight for survival, will leech minerals out of muscle and bones to neutralize the acids. Things like calcium, potassium, and carbonates are necessary to neutralize the acids. Wave goodbye to healthy bones and nails and teeth and hair, and muscles! :)

The next step, when this isn’t enough to neutralize all the acid, is to envelope the acidic molecule with a wall of fatty acids to stop it burning holes in your system. Yep, you get fat. The body will hang on to every bit of fat it can, in order to keep the acid contained. Not only having too many fat cells is ugly and unhealthy, it means that in the flab, there is a massive amount of rubbish stored that your body cannot get rid of — toxic stuff like acids, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, medication residues, all kinds of toxins that have been sticking around for years and the body cannot expunge it. This is why sometimes, you can go about your life feeling perfectly fine and thinking all is well, then maybe have an illness that makes you lose your appetite so you stop eating or eat less and the body starts burning fat stores, releasing all of the above into your blood stream, making you a lot more ill than you were to start with. Same thing happens when you go on a detox or start living the alkaline lifestyle — you get flu-like symptoms (sometimes quite severe) which are actually indicators that your detox/diet is working.

So you start losing weight and burning fat… but you still have shedloads of toxins running amok in your body, now having been released from their little prisons of fat cells. Some will get disposed of through the normal ways — breathing, sweating, urine, faeces, mucous. But there is only so much your kidneys and liver can manage, and some are notoriously hard to get rid of — like heavy metals. This is where clay and sun-chlorella (or cracked wall chlorella) come in. Clay (and chlorella, which is extremely similar in what it does) is just amazing.

And the water I drink? It goes through an ionizing process which renders it full of electrons and a pH of around 9 (highest safe pH to be drinking). But this is not all — it also splits the h2o molecule clusters (my terminology), making them smaller, with more surface area — making the water more hydrating and useful to the body, getting everywhere faster — penetrating the cell membranes easier and quicker, it gets more easily absorbed, generally better for the body (the tap water molecule clusters contain up to 16 h2o molecules, whereas my water has between 5 and 8 molecules per cluster).

On top of weight loss, an alkaline body inhibits the growth of yeasts, fungi, molds, cancer, viruses etc.

Other supplements
These will be incorporated into my diet on day three nine. This is because while I am doing the detox, I need all nutrients to be absorbed into my body equally. Afterwards, I can play with the dosage and ways to take supplements for maximum success and efficiency. These will be: HCA for reduced fat storage within the body (capsules); CLA for muscle building and reduction of inflammation in the body(capsules); L-Carnitine to help body burn fat rather than store it. The only vitamin I will be taking throughout the detox and beyond is vitamin D3 in spray form to help my body heal itself and as protection against depression.
Udo’s Oil
The best omega-rich oil blend on the market nowadays. Pricey and I personally hate the taste, but it is way too good for the body to pass over.
Green powders
I don’t even look at these as supplements any more as I am so used to having them in my smoothies. The powder is a mixture of different green sources, such as grasses (barley, wheat, kamut) and veggies (spinach, beetroot, cabbage, broccoli, tomatoes), sprouts (alfalfa), and leaves and seaweed and stuff I would never touch in a milion years unless it is in powder form and I can pretend it isn’t in my drink. Super nutritious, super alkalizing, and super-easy to disguise. That’s how I like it. :)

Right, that’s the lot, I think. If I think of something else, I'll put it in the comments.