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# An Example Of Code-Is-Art: HTML5 + MathML + SVG #


A beautiful hand-typed example of practical web-design; <Dana Lee Ling (//> writes test papers for his college algebra and statistics courses in XHTML, with SVG graphs and MathML equations.
He also maintains a brilliantly pure resolve to never break a link:

|	Ted Nelson always objected that the world wide web is not what he envisioned when he coined the term hypertext in
|	1965. Like Vannevar Bush’s Memex envisioned in 1945, the links would be paths that do not “break.” Some form of
|	massive distributed database would, theoretically, have kept track of material and kept links from breaking when
|	material was “moved” or reorganized. Of course that would not be possible nor desirable.
|	My own paean, however, to Ted is to never move or rename a page once I put it up - even if I have misspelled the
|	file name. Yes, I could use a meta to redirect, but my simpler solution is to not move a page. Nor reorganize my
|	site. Organic growth unanticipated in 1998 has complicated site management, but that’s life - complicated in places.
| Dana Lee Ling

My hat goes off to him for having such beautiful code tucked away in places we’d never think to look. _
I don’t even have any SVG in my site, and certainly not the brains to use MathML, so please give some attention to the wonderful work within his <site (//>.