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# The Word to End All Words #

Like a black monolith you stand. _
Thy fearful symmetry.

Upon you is engraved a single word; a magic word, _
More powerful than the utterance of <Jadis (>, the queen of <Charn (>, _
who ended all life in her world by the <Deplorable Word (>.

It is a word they do not understand. _
From birth they have not known it. _
It has not been taught, and neither has it been searched for.

By your word kingdoms have been flattened, _
Dynasties felled, endless wars begun. _
Lives torn apart and thrown asunder.

They do not know how to comprehend it. _
It confuses them, frustrates them. _
They bash against you, enraged at your silence. _

«Why do you not respond!?»

But you do not respond. _
Your silence causes all their machinations to fall apart; _
The noise their livelihoods have come to depend upon.

When your silence has drowned out their noise, _
Then peace and quiet will ring out everywhere. _
For you are the word to end all words: No.