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# Projects #

:: Forum
	Join the discussion in the <Camen Design forum (//>. _
	The forum’s <code (/nononsense_forum)> is open source and
	<focuses on simplicity and discussion (/code/forums)>.
:: ReMarkable
	<ReMarkable (/code/remarkable)> is a <Markdown (//> like syntax and
	parser to convert plain text to HTML.¬All the content on this site is written using it.
:: Improved Title Case Function for PHP
	<My PHP port (/code/title-case)> of David Gouch’s <port (//> of
	John Gruber’s <original (//> Title Case script.
:: HTML5 / CSS3
	I develop and write about these.
	•	<Vertical Split Screen CSS Without Background Images (/splitscreen)>
	•	<How to Learn HTML5 (/code/how_to_learn_html5)>
	•	<Video for Everybody! (/code/video_for_everybody)>
	•	<How to Centre and Layout Pages Without a Wrapper (/code/developpeurs_sans_frontieres)>
	•	<Me, Myself and I — or:¬Abbreviations, Definitions & Citations Revisited (/code/abbr_redux)>

:: Popular articles
	Articles that are of note, or that have been popular in the past
	•	<I don’t Want to Do This Any More (/dont_wanna)>
	•	<Forget Passion, Focus on Process (/passion_process)>
	•	<RSS is ---Dying--- [Being Ignored], and You Should Be Very Worried (/rss_is_dying)>, _
		and the follow-up: <RSS: A Reply (/rss_a_reply)>
	•	<Microsoft, Please Stop This Madness (/stop_this_madness)>
	•	<The Price That Cannot Be Bartered (/privacy)>
	•	<Will Apple Embrace the Web? No. (/not_the_web)>
	•	<This Is Where We Are Going (/destination_internet)>
	•	<Welcome (/welcome)>
	•	<Website Optimisation Measures (/website_optimisation_measures)>
	•	<A List of People Who Need to Stop Writing Software (/stop_writing_software)>
	•	<Hello. (/hello)>
	•	<GEOS: The Graphical Environment Operating System (/geos)>

:: (#qinao) "Quitting is not an option"
	For a while my wife had a blog, covering the months we were dating up to soon after I had (unexpectedly) proposed
	to her. The blog host (Posterous) shut down, so I have archived the content here on <this site (/eve/)>:
	*	<Welcome (/eve/eve-welcome)>
	*	<I Feel at Home… (/eve/eve-i-feel-at-home)>
	*	<Ode to Friendship (/eve/eve-ode-to-friendship)>
	*	<Thank You, Lord, for My Mum (/eve/eve-thank-you-lord-for-my-mum)>
	*	<Getting Rid of Baggage (/eve/eve-getting-rid-of-baggage)>
	*	<Weighty Issues (/eve/eve-weighty-issues)>
	*	<Depression (/eve/eve-depression)>
	*	<Purge (/eve/eve-purge)>
	*	<Nine Days of Detox (/eve/eve-nine-days-of-detox)>
		*	<Action Plan 1: Nutrition (/eve/eve-action-plan-1-nutrition)>
		*	<DAY 1 (/eve/eve-day-1)>
		*	<DAY 2 (/eve/eve-day-2)>
		*	<Action Plan 2: Air, Water and Supplements (/eve/eve-action-plan-2-air-water-supplements)>
		*	<Action Plan 3: Exercise and Fitness (/eve/eve-action-plan-3-exercise-and-fitness)>
		*	<DAY 3 (/eve/eve-day-3)>
		*	<DAY 4 (/eve/eve-day-4)>
		*	<DAY 5 (/eve/eve-day-5)>
		*	<DAY 6 (/eve/eve-day-6)>
		*	<DAY 7 & 8 / SUMMARY (/eve/eve-day-7-8-summary)>
		*	<Loneliness (/eve/eve-loneliness)>
		*	<DAY 9 (/eve/eve-day-9)>
	*	<Inspired With Not Enough Outlets (/eve/eve-inspired-with-not-enough-outlets)>
	*	<It Is a Weird World We Live In (/eve/eve-it-is-a-weird-world-we-live-in)>
	*	<Adjusting Your Attitude = Happiness (/eve/eve-adjusting-your-attitude-equals-happiness)>
	*	<It’s That Time of the Year Again… (/eve/eve-its-that-time-of-the-year-again)>
	*	<Happiness Is a Smooth Bedsheet (/eve/eve-happiness-is-a-smooth-bedsheet)>
	*	<Loss of Perspective = Loss of Motivation; Pt 1 (/eve/eve-loss-of-perspective-equals-loss-of-motivation-1)>
	*	<Loss of Perspective = Loss of Motivation; Pt 2 (/eve/eve-loss-of-perspective-equals-loss-of-motivation-2)>
	*	<Today Is a Happy Day… (/eve/eve-today-is-a-happy-day)>
	*	<Changes (/eve/eve-changes)>
	*	<Lost (/eve/eve-lost)>
	*	<Son, I Am Disappoint. `:)` (/eve/eve-son-i-am-disappoint)>
	*	<The Need to Know and the Search for the Truth (/eve/eve-the-need-to-know-and-the-search-for-the-truth)>
	*	<And What For? (/eve/eve-and-what-for)>
	*	<Too Much Stuff in My Flat (/eve/eve-too-much-stuff-in-my-flat)>
	*	<Too Much Stuff in My Life (/eve/eve-too-much-stuff-in-my-life)>
	*	<A New Chapter Has Been Started (/eve/eve-a-new-chapter-has-started)>
	*	<Who Would Have Thought… (/eve/eve-who-would-have-thought)>
	*	<YOU Are Enough (/eve/eve-you-are-enough)>
	*	<Things Are Clicking Into Place Nicely (/eve/eve-things-are-clicking-into-place-nicely)>
	*	<Letter to My 18-Year-Old Self (/eve/eve-letter-to-my-18-year-old-self)>