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# 2000–5000 #

On the comment from <AmigaOS developer Steven Solie (> that he estimates the userbase at between 2000 and 5000 users:

|	Could this be a reliable evaluation of the amount of people across the world who will use open computing devices
|	when everything else has acquired locked bootloaders?
|	After all, the process for acquiring an <AmigaOS (>-compatible machine is similar to the one
|	for an <Arduino (//>, <Raspberry Pi (//>,
|	or <Pandaboard (//>: you have to know that it exists, fiddle around in obscure
|	websites to find it, pay money to a semi-trusted reseller without having seen the hardware yet,
|	then fiddle around with a bare PCB (be careful with electrostatic discharges!) in order to install your OS in a
|	hardware-specific way…
| <Neolander—Interview: AmigaOS 4 lead developer Steven Solie (>

There is nothing ‘open’ about a ton of cheap WinTel boxes on shelves; they’re just available, that’s all. _
One day all that will be gone for good.