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|	Hello, Nokia. You just excluded yourself from the open web. Have fun with that.
| Kroc Camen

So, Nokia <chose (//> to effectively change their mobile browser from Firefox—to IE7. When Facebook is <saying (//> «HTML5 is the future platform, that’s where we’re putting a huge amount of our resources» who is going to effectively unwork their iPhone-class mobile website to work on IE7? That would be like discovering that the next version of Windows after Windows 7 is going to be Windows 98. IE7 is a massive step backwards from current mobile browsers—and even when {{WP7|Windows Phone 7}} gets IE9, it still <doesn’t compare (//>. It’s ironic justice that Windows Phone users will have to deal with incompatible websites designed primarily for another browser. Hey, Microsoft, how do you like ’dem apples?