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|	Walked into a mobile phone shop for the first time in a year. _
|	Yup, it’s obvious why Apple will dominate this market.
| Kroc Camen

Apple only sell one phone—the iPhone. There may be different models, but there is only one brand. Where is ‘the Sony phone’? I literally could not count how many handsets are available out there, that they replace with a whole new set every six months. They are throwing what little brand strength they gain by trying to constantly entice the user with something new.

The phone shop looked like a team of under twenty [years old] designers had been let loose, all creating their idea of a good phone. There was zero cohesion, no single statement. Just blinding amounts of design ideas and no one guiding principle.

Unless Sony change to a single handset—they will positively be forced out of the market.