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	The following was written by my wife Eve and republished here due to Posterous shutting down.
<h1>DAY 1</h1>
	<strong>I had a really bad night shift on Friday.</strong> Nothing major happened but for whatever reason, I got
	really stressed and left work on Saturday morning feeling angry and frustrated. All I wanted was to fall into bed
	and be dead to the world for eight hours at least. Sleep has always been my way of hiding away from the world and
	dealing with stuff. However, I also knew I wanted to get my head ready for day one (Sunday). But I kept dreaming
	about clients — my brain diffusing the tension and discharging the emotional arousal of the night shift (an
	amazing mechanism to stop me from getting depressed). Therefore I woke up stressed, and was wandering about my flat
	aimlessly before wasting lots of time online, watching stuff that has no value, reading mindless stuff that
	succeeded in only one thing — it made me laugh and got rid of my bad mood. The only really good thing I read
	online was the blog post from my boyfriend’s cycling trip last year. He was setting off on his trip on Sunday
	morning and it was nice to have some sort of an idea of what he’ll be doing and where he will be going etc. He
	won’t be online for the whole week, he hasn’t got his netbook with him, and the areas he will be visiting have
	dubious mobile coverage at best — so I don’t quite know what to expect in terms of being in touch. Probably best
	not to expect anything, and then any contact will be a bonus. Also I will be busy, going to the gym, and meeting
	friends (Harry Potter on Wednesday, oh yeah baby!), and running errands, so talking on the phone for hours is
	definitely out of question (if I suggested to him we talk on the phone for an hour anyway, he would probably die a
	death — he hates phones, and any kind of impersonal contact. Madness. A computer geek who hates new ways of
	communication made possible by today’s technology…).
	On Sunday, I woke up early but not nearly early enough. I will be aiming for a 7am start but then, hey, it was
	Sunday. I woke up at 9am and had a long bath, then went to town as had things to do. I was feeling tired and a bit
	apprehensive. My first smoothie of the day was an odd combination of apples, kiwis and limes, with an avocado. I
	walked around town and bought a new pair of walking shoes. I know I will kill the current pair I have this week, so
	I was pleased about being organized and already replacing them in advance. However, this detox will require a lot
	more organization skills than previously thought. For example, if I had woken up earlier, I would have had a chance
	to exercise and prepare a nicer smoothie. Well, never mind, there’s always tomorrow!
	I went and saw a friend in town and we had a good chat. I took him for a juice in a nearby juice bar. I have lived
	in Brighton for almost six years now and have never known there was a quality juice bar in town. The place is called
	Guarana and is at 36, Sydney Street. They have really nice staff and a huge assortment of products. I get my
	supplements online with discount codes but it is nice to know that if I run out and need something to tide me over,
	there is a place I can get almost everything I use. I had decided to be brave and had a single wheatgrass shot. I
	hate the taste. I am a wimp. It makes me cringe — nah, it makes me want to puke my very guts out. But it’s good
	for me, with masses of nutrients I wouldn’t otherwise get. I downed it, followed it up with half a strawberry, and
	a lovely tall glass of apple/carrot/ginger/lime/orange juice afterwards. I decided to do this again on Wednesday
	when I'm in the area again. Already dreading it.
	I went snooping around charity shops and bought two things to sell on, and found some treasures in the 99p shop (no,
	honestly, Nair hair removing cream that costs 4 quid in Boots — bought three, just in case!).
	All in all, I did hours of walking today and my feet are tired. I have found out that Bikram hot yoga in the Lanes
	do a 2-week unlimited yoga trial for only 20quid. And they give you a free towel and a mat. I may be courageous and
	give that a go.
	When I got home, I was tired. I mean really tired. I did some chores, half-heartedly, and read a bit of a book, but
	then it all got too much and I got a massive headache and was feeling sick. First signs of detox. I had a sleep and
	felt a bit better after. However, I haven’t had any evening juices at all — I could not face them, my stomach
	felt fragile. I had lots of water which eased things up for me a bit but no juices. I haven’t yet started
	supplementing my diet with nutrients in tablet form or powder form yet, as I want my body to get used to the juices
	first. The first supplements are going to come in on day three.
	Right, better get to bed — I can already see that a 7am start is impossible tomorrow! I need to be more organised
	and get to bed before 11pm (it is now ten past midnight). I am also doing a night shift tomorrow (why? why??? I
	should have taken this whole week off).
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