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	The following was written by my wife Eve and republished here due to Posterous shutting down.
<h1>DAY 4</h1>
	<strong>Finally. Some. Exercise.</strong><br />
	Right, so today I have not had any bad detox symptoms — therefore, I decided to take advantage of that. I went to
	the gym and spent the whole morning there, probably doing about 3hrs of hard work all in all. I had a personal
	training session which lasted an hour and warmed me up nicely (read — knackered me out), then spent an hour with
	Emma doing some cardio and going round the machines, and I topped it off by swimming 30 (very short, but still…)
	lengths in the pool. I am spent. My legs are burning and I have never felt more fantastic.
	I started the day with 1.5l of a green drink with lemon, on which I did all my exercise. After the gym, I had a
	yoghurt drink for the protein and to stave off hunger, then I slept a little and went to see Harry Potter at the
	cinema, where I had one big mother of a juice — around 600ml. Funny enough, despite drinking a lot of water/juice,
	I haven’t realy been weeing a lot. It must be that the drink in the morning got sweated out in the sauna and steam
	room. I am going to have another litre or two at least of water before bed. Tomorrow is going to be a big
	decluttering day it seems as rain is being forecast and I may not be able to walk.
	I am shatterd so I am going to leave it at that. Goodnight. <samp>:)</samp>
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