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Read the Bible in a Year

Whilst I have read large portions of the Bible, I have not been able to stick to reading it consistently.

For this year, it is my intention to read the whole thing. I have prepared a reading schedule that covers a couple of chapters a day. The biggest problem was fitting this immense amount of information into an index card that I could use as a book mark.

This is what I’ve created: View the schedule.

Screenshot of Bible schedule

Note: Due to a bug in Firefox, the table will not render correctly.
Please use either Safari / Chrome, Opera or even Internet Explorer to view / print the schedule.

How to Use This Schedule

  1. Look up the current day in the table using the day number across the first (or last) row, and the month on the left

  2. The 1st row in each month shows the corresponding book. Where names are unable to fit they have either been abbreviated using standard abbreviations, or references which are defined underneath the table

  3. The corresponding cell below the book for each day tells you which chapter to start reading at. Continue reading up to (but not including) the chapter for the following day

  4. On some days you will read more than one book. In these instances that day’s cell is split into two or more, but the cell underneath only provides the chapter number of the first book to start on

    Example showing 1st Peter chapters 1, 5, and 2nd Peter

    Here, you would read 1st Peter chapter 1–4 on one day then on the next day read 1st Peter Chapter 5 (and onto the end of the book) as well as all of 2nd Peter (reference mark ‘L’)

  5. Please note that Psalms Chapter 119 and Jeremiah Chapter 25 are very long and are subdivided between two days. The single-dagger mark notes that on July the 5th you should read Psalms 117–119:72 and Psalms 119:73 to the end of the chapter on the following day. Secondly, the double-dagger mark notes that on the 14th of August, read Jeremiah 23–25:16 followed by Jeremiah 25:17 to the end of the chapter the next day

I had originally tried to create this using Pages, but it refused to split table cells anymore once I got down to Amos. Printing in browsers is generally very broken and inept, but you should be able to scale the schedule down to the desired paper size using the advanced printer settings.

If anybody could make some decent PDFs for me in A6, A7, Index card and Pocket Mod size, I’d greatly appreciate it, thanks!