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A List of People Who Need to Stop Writing Software

New Sony laptops come with two pages in the Add/Remove list of just Sony junk.
They are also the authors of one of the worst pieces of software ever, SonicStage.
I pay you to put a cable in my house, and let me send things up and down it; no more.
I don’t want your useless anti-virus products. I don’t want your “Desktop Help” applications. I don’t want your tray icons. I don’t want your proprietary browsers. I don’t want an e-mail address with you. I don’t want your website as my home page. I don’t want your help when I typo a domain name.
Somewhere along the line you decided to protect people from their own computer, rather than protect the computer itself. You have never once written a piece of software that didn’t slow a machine down to a painful crawl. Every machine I have come across that has had Norton on it, has had a virus and multiple spywares still there. Your product is so bad, its own uninstaller does not work. You sell a false sense of security, nothing more.
Your product is slow, useless, impossible to configure and relies upon passwords, activation and Internet Explorer just to do its job. It fails on every level.
Printer manufacturers
A Printer driver is a folder with one ‘.ini’ file, and a couple of ‘.dll’s and that’s it.
It is not a 50 MB download. It is not an IE Toolbar, and Side Pane. It is not half-baked photo software. It is not a splash screen when your computer starts. It is not a tray icon.
If Microsoft bought you, your software would actually improve.
The Yahoo Toolbar is like AIDS. You have to be careful what software you download, otherwise you’re bound to get it from one of them along the line.
Nokia, and other phone manufacturers
You seem to be under the impression that you are the only piece of software on the computer. You’re happy to rear your ugly face at every boot. You make a simple thing like syncing seem like surgery. Your software is so unwieldy, it’d be easier to take up origami.
nVidia and ATI
A graphics card driver drives the screen. It does not include two context menus and a tray icon that handily reminds you that you don’t have an SLI configuration every time you boot. Your configuration options shouldn’t be so complex that I have to choose between a basic and advanced mode, both of which are as equally useless as each other.