“Video For Everybody” Test Page

Full write-up article here. If you’ve arrived here from a link please note that VfE no longer includes QuickTime as part of the fallback, but the code for that version is still available here.

Hosting of the video generously provided by
André M. Åslund of Vorwärts GmbH.

Download Video: Closed Format: "MP4" Open Format: "OGG" / "WebM"

Video is the first minute from the cc-by licenced “open movie” Big Buck Bunny

Table of Compatibility

To test on Windows, I cycled through using the Flash Installer (IE | Others) and Flash Uninstaller.

Fallback happens from left to right. If HTML5 `<video>` is not supported Flash should display, if Flash is not installed the images should display and the download links should play the video.

Playback UsedNotes
IE9 (Vista/7) HTML5-MP4 Even with the WebM plugin installed, IE9 will still default to the MP4 because it has to be listed first in the source list due to an iPad bug
IE8 (XP/Vista/7) Flash
IE7 (XP/Vista) Flash
IE6 (XP) Flash
Firefox 4β HTML5-WEBM/OGG
Firefox 3.6 HTML5-OGG
Firefox 3.5 HTML5-OGG Does not support poster image,
encode your poster image into the first frame of the video
Firefox 3 Flash
Firefox 2 Flash Prompts to install Flash if it is missing (the only browser to do so)
Camino 2.1α HTML5-OGG
Camino 1, 2 Flash Camino has a built-in Flash blocker, users may have to click the flash object to load it
Chrome 6+ HTML5-MP4/WEBM/OGG Chrome 6+ can play WebM, but MP4 has to be listed first due to iPad bug. Native MP4 support is due to be dropped from Chrome
Chrome 3+ HTML5-MP4/OGG
Safari 3+ (Mac) HTML5-MP4
Safari 3+ (PC) HTML5-MP4 → Flash Requires QuickTime to be installed for `<video>`!
OmniWeb HTML5-MP4
iCab HTML5-MP4
iOS Please note that both the iPhone and iPad will not autoplay even if you specify it.
This is designed to save bandwidth which may be limited or cost for some users.
iOS4 HTML5-MP4 The bug with the poster attribute has been fixed.
iPhone OS 3.x HTML5-MP4 Warning: Use of the `poster` attribute causes intermittent playback problems with iOS3
iPhone OS 2 HTML5-MP4 With thanks to Greg Kida for testing
Android HTML5 video on Android is badly broken. Resolution support varies from one handset to the next (often just 480x360), the fallback image usually doesn’t show and the code requires special adjustments. The Android emulator is completely useless as it doesn’t represent any real hardware and does not play HTML5 video. THERE IS NO WAY TO TEST ON ANDROID WITHOUT A PHYSICAL PHONE. BLAME GOOGLE.
2.3 (Gingerbread) HTML5-MP4 (Varies) `controls` is now supported in 2.3, allowing for VfE to work, as long as the handset in question supports the video resolution / encoding.
2.0+ MP4 (varies) `controls` is not supported so that the video cannot be played without using JavaScript. Details on this here, or use a more comprehensive HTML5 video player like MediaElement.js
Other Mobile
Palm WebOS HTML5-MP4 → MP4 Some glitching with scrolling. WebOS versions <1.4 show fallback text, download link plays video
Firefox Mobile HTML5-OGG Plays at 1–2 FPS due to no hardware decoder for Ogg. Thanks goes to Nikolay Vladimirov for testing
Blackberry Bold 9000 NONE “Playback Error”
Blackberry Curve 8900 MP4 Black rectangle in page, but download link works
Nokia N96
(Symbian S60)
Opera 10.60+ HTML5-WEBM/OGG
Opera 10.50+ HTML5-OGG
Opera 10.10 Flash
Opera 9.6 Flash
Opera Mobile MP4 (Varies) Fallback image shown, video compatibility dependent on handset
Opera Mini MP4 (Varies) Fallback image shown, video compatibility dependent on handset

For console compatibility (Wii / PS3 / PSP &c.) see the YouTube Test Page.