“Video For Everybody” (QuickTime) Test Page

Full write-up article here.
This is an old version of VfE that utilises QuickTime before Flash. See the test page for the latest version.

Hosting of the video generously provided by
André M. Åslund of Vorwärts GmbH.

Download Video: Apple iTunes "MP4" | Open Format "OGG"

Video is the first minute from the cc-by licenced “open movie” Big Buck Bunny

Table of Compatibility

Fallback happens from left to right. If HTML5 `<video>` is not supported, QuickTime should display. If QuickTime is not installed Flash should display, if Flash is not installed the poster image should display

Note: If you are using classic ASP (not .NET) to serve your pages, beware that ASP does not allow an object within an object in the HTML (it preprocesses it looking for server-side objects). Use ASP code to escape the inner object; an example can be found here (with thanks to Val Cohen for alerting me to this)

Playback UsedNotesVfE#
IE8 (XP/Vista/Win7) QT → Flash 0.3.1
IE7 (XP/Vista) QT → Flash 0.3.1
IE6 (XP) Flash Does not support two-fold fallback. Flash only 0.3.1
Firefox 3.6 HTML5-OGG 0.3.3
Firefox 3.5 HTML5-OGG Does not support poster image,
encode your poster image into the first frame of the video
Firefox 3,
Flock 2.5
QT → Flash 0.3.2
Firefox 2 QT → Flash Prompts to install QuickTime / Flash if one or the other is not installed 0.3.0
Camino 1, 2 QT 0.3.3
Chrome 3+ HTML5-MP4/OGG 0.3.3
Safari 3, 4 (Mac) HTML5-MP4 0.3.3
Safari 3, 4 (PC) HTML5-MP4 → Flash Requires QuickTime to be installed for `<video>`! 0.3.0
OmniWeb 5.9 HTML5-MP4 0.3.0
iCab 4.6 HTML5-MP4 0.3.0
OWB 1.7 MorphOS HTML5-MP4/OGG 0.3.2
Handhelds Please note that both the iPhone and iPad will not autoplay even if you specify it.
This may be a design decision to save RAM or bandwidth
iPad (3.2) HTML5-MP4 0.3.3
iPhone OS 4β ? Please report results, screenshots welcome 0.3.3
iPhone OS 3.x HTML5-MP4 0.3.3
iPhone OS 2 QT 0.3.0
Android NONE Fallback image shown, but MP4 does not play on all handsets (yes: Nexus One; no: HTC Hero). 0.3.3
Palm WebOS 1.4 HTML5-MP4 Some glitching with scrolling. WebOS versions <1.4 show fallback text, download link plays video 0.3.2
Firefox Mobile HTML5-OGG Not yet tested on real hardware (N900), please report results 0.3.3
Blackberry Bold 9000 NONE “Playback Error” 0.3.3
Blackberry Curve 8900 MP4 Black rectangle in page, but download link works 0.3.3
Nokia N96
(Symbian S60)
HTML5-MP4 0.3.3
Opera 10.50 HTML5-OGG 0.3.3
Opera 10.10 QT / Flash Only QT on Mac, only Flash on Windows 0.3.0
Opera 9 QT / Flash As above 0.3.0
Opera Mobile ? Unknown. Please e-mail in reports of version number / handset 0.3.3
Opera Mini NONE Fallback image shown, video compatibility dependent on handset 0.3.2