Camen Design

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I was given one of those disposable analogue cameras (one of these but in orange; it really irritates me that I forgot to take a picture of it) to play with. I don’t know anything really about photography, I just point and shoot with my camera and I know what I like when I see it. The analogue camera struck me as very alien, but at the same time liberating. There was no preview, other than the viewfinder, so I couldn’t have any real idea what the picture would look like until I got it developed—not forgetting that I’d have to get it developed! I wouldn’t be able to access the pictures until I had taken all the pictures it could (about 24).

I wasn’t sure what to really focus on with it, so just took pictures as I normally would. I thought that an analogue camera would probably be much better suited at protraits (and looking at the results, I think I was right), but I wasn’t brave enough to go about asking people for their photo.

One thing I enjoyed about the analogue camera was its instantness. There was only one button to push to take a picture, and capture was absolutely instant. Along the way we’ve grown to accept that digital isn’t as good as analogue in some areas, but the benefits are worth it. It annoys me no end that taking pictures on my phone is so slow, I’ve missed many good shots because of it. Once you push the button the picture that freezes on the screen isn’t the picture you’ll get, it takes another second or so for the picture to be captured. We just live with the slowness of digital, but when you go back to using an analogue camera you realise how much more liberating it is to have a picture in a millisecond.

Another great nuisnece that wasn’t present with the disposable camera was interface. It’s a shame that as our gadgets become more and more feature filled, using the camera has come second place. For my phone I have to first un-lock it, then hold down a button for a few seconds to get it to switch to camera mode. It’s just never ready when I want it, where as the analogue camera was, again, insant at its job.

Normally with a digital process I would take a lot of pictures and only select a few choice ones to publish. Here I am including most of the pictures I took with the analgue camera (two were too dark to be usuable). This is a rawer look at what I see when I idle past a shot now and again. Enjoy.