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No. Anonymous comments are not the problem.
Appending comment threads to everything is the problem.

Kroc Camen, in reply to “Why we need to get rid of anonymous comments.”

One day, developers are going to wake up and realise “What were we thinking!?”

The Internet did not create morons with terrible opinions, it simply invited them to speak. If you were to walk around with a camera crew and ask people on the street if they thought Obama was a muslim terrorist, you would likely Godwin within thirty seconds.

Your comment threads are a by-product of your content and the overreaching attitude and motivations you hold as an author. Engadget, and most big tech-blogs have terrible comments because no strain of thought was given to why comments were even needed in the first place. It was an instant assumption based on user participation == more ad revenue. If you give no thought to who would want to comment, they won’t give any thought to a reasoned argument.

When I created my forum I said that I did so because I was not opposed to discussion—it has its right place. Its right place is not appending other people’s content to my content. My content goes on my site, and your content goes on your site. This way, people can have their crazy ideas on their own space and not crapping over everybody else’s experience.

My forum presents a different model of discussion, not based around articles but rather the individual’s contribution. Bad comments are a product of bad design in my opinion, as why I said that one day developers will wake up to the fact that asking everybody’s opinion of a constant stream of trivialities is going to bring the worms out of the wood.

What a joke that that article has a comment thread attached, playing the same damn game as every other bullcrappen ad-laden property. Glorified link-bait with no gusto to actually take action. I don’t care if he’s just one writer and can’t represent or change the parent company, if you’re in that situation then don’t go trolling the web with an easy cop-out excuse to protect your job. Make the change on your own personal site, see the results and then report them on your day-time job’s site. Either that or get your company to change. I've walked out of several jobs because I would not bend to their will, and they, to mine. When you smell bullcrap, don’t write stories justifying the stink to everybody else.

That’s why I hope every site on the Web adopts Facebook’s comment system.

You have no idea how bad an idea that would be.

It isn’t about anonymous and non-anonymous, it’s about developers and website owners thinking that attaching a thought-box to the end of every damn piece of “content” is justified. It’s this that has to change.

Disagree with me? Tell me why below. Just use your real name.

Screw you.

This bad comment brought to you by your awful article.