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The stupidest thing about Mac OS X Lion’s Launchpad? Can’t right click icons. Gargh, the conceit, it burns.

Kroc Camen

Apple have given up caring about a consistent message with Mac OS X. Why does Launchpad not use the actual folders that are in Applications? Why do we suddenly have this “new”, invisible filing system that can’t be accessed or managed any other way? Why does Launchpad have these slide-open folders, but when you put a folder on the Dock it’s a fan / grid / list? Why does none of the normal desktop conventions work with Launchpad? Can’t right-click. Can’t +Click to locate the application in Finder.

Lion is a sloppy OS with an inconsistent self-image and message. It’s a hodge podge of market forces tearing it in two.

I hate that spaces are horizontal only now (have to travel further to get to spaces 3 & 4), so I’m effectively reduced to only two. I hate that Spaces are so slow to change focus when switching from one to the other. Especially when switching back and forth between a browser and text-editor. You have to stare at your text editor for a second whilst the focus decides what it wants to do.

Auto-opening closed documents just doesn’t work sensibly yet. Every time I open preview or QuickTime, I get a pile of windows because I am used to quitting these apps with ⌘+Q, without having to close each window first. Do any of the developers at Apple actually use Lion?

I get the distinct feeling that even Apple’s Mac OS X programmers are being forced to live in the shadow of iOS, like it or not.