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“These Things I Believe”

These things I believe is a beautiful mantra of software philosophy.
I agree with everything there.

Here are some choice quotes:

Are users dumb?

These things I believe

A good software developer defends his work by actions - fixing it, improving it.
A bad software developer places the blame anywhere but on their own head.

What is the task of the U.I. designer?

These things I believe

And my personal thoughts:

If you believe users to be idiots, then you will write idiot-software

Kroc Camen

I would go as far as saying that:

With intelligence, you can write good code.
But without philosophy, you cannot create art.

Kroc Camen

It takes love to write beautiful code (and a beautiful functionally interface), and there’s not much of that in this technology-world of pent-up, angry, aggressive and indignant geeks.