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An Example of Code-Is-Art: HTML5 + MathML + SVG

A beautiful hand-typed example of practical web-design; Dana Lee Ling writes test papers for his college algebra and statistics courses in XHTML, with SVG graphs and MathML equations.

He also maintains a brilliantly pure resolve to never break a link:

Ted Nelson always objected that the world wide web is not what he envisioned when he coined the term hypertext in 1965. Like Vannevar Bush’s Memex envisioned in 1945, the links would be paths that do not “break.” Some form of massive distributed database would, theoretically, have kept track of material and kept links from breaking when material was “moved” or reorganized. Of course that would not be possible nor desirable.

My own paean, however, to Ted is to never move or rename a page once I put it up - even if I have misspelled the file name. Yes, I could use a meta to redirect, but my simpler solution is to not move a page. Nor reorganize my site. Organic growth unanticipated in 1998 has complicated site management, but that’s life - complicated in places.

Dana Lee Ling

My hat goes off to him for having such beautiful code tucked away in places we’d never think to look.
I don’t even have any SVG in my site, and certainly not the brains to use MathML, so please give some attention to the wonderful work within his site.