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On the comment from AmigaOS developer Steven Solie that he estimates the userbase at between 2000 and 5000 users:

Could this be a reliable evaluation of the amount of people across the world who will use open computing devices when everything else has acquired locked bootloaders?

After all, the process for acquiring an AmigaOS-compatible machine is similar to the one for an Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or Pandaboard: you have to know that it exists, fiddle around in obscure websites to find it, pay money to a semi-trusted reseller without having seen the hardware yet, then fiddle around with a bare PCB (be careful with electrostatic discharges!) in order to install your OS in a hardware-specific way…

Neolander—Interview: AmigaOS 4 lead developer Steven Solie

There is nothing ‘open’ about a ton of cheap WinTel boxes on shelves; they’re just available, that’s all.
One day all that will be gone for good.